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Both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that all children see a dentist by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth erupting. Infants and children should continue to see a dentist for an oral exam and dental cleaning every six months. Why is early dental care necessary? Read on for the benefits of regular dental cleanings for kids.

Benefits of Early Dental Care for Kids

The goals of early dental care for kids are to diagnose problems early, prevent minor issues from blossoming into more significant problems, and set the stage for lifelong oral health.  As such, beginning with your child’s earliest dental visit, your dentist will be focused on:

Disease and Decay Prevention

Regular dental cleanings for kids help to prevent problems such as cavities and gum disease. Although your child may have learned excellent brushing and flossing habits, some of the plaque and tartar that accumulates on teeth cannot be removed through routine oral care at home. In other words, kids need regular dental cleanings for the same reason adults need regular dental cleanings. Your child’s dentist or hygienist will remove plaque and tartar, which cause both cavities and gum disease, during each regular cleaning appointment. 

Strengthening Teeth

Regular dental cleanings for kids include an examination by the dentist. During this examination, your dentist will assess the strength of your child’s teeth by looking for signs of early decay or demineralization, such as white spots on the teeth. These are both signs of insufficient fluoride. Fortunately, fluoride treatments are fast, painless, and effective at helping to strengthen young teeth. 

Prevent Cavities

The grooves on the surface of teeth, particularly the molars, are known to accumulate cavity-causing bacteria. For children who have deep crevices in their teeth, dental sealants can serve as a safeguard. Dental sealants are made of a safe resin material that fills the grooves and crevices, helping to prevent bacteria buildup.

Diagnose Invisible Problems

Reduced-radiation digital x-rays as part of routine dental cleaning and exam appointments are invaluable in detecting problems beneath the mouth's soft tissues. Potential problems seen in digital x-ray images include extra teeth, tumors, bone defects, and decay. Your dentist will determine how often x-rays are needed. 

Establishing Excellent Oral Hygiene

During your child’s dental exam and cleaning, your dentist will spend time educating your child on the importance of practicing excellent oral hygiene. They may help your young child to learn how to floss correctly. They may show them digital x-ray images to point out signs of decay and to remind children to brush for a full two minutes twice daily. Encouraging and educating kids on the importance of caring for their teeth and mouths can help lay a foundation for good oral health habits for years to come. 

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At the dental office of Brian K. Dennis, our team provides comprehensive dental care for your whole family. From your child’s first tooth eruption, we offer lifelong dental care for patients of all ages. Our family-focused dental practice welcomes parents to stay with their children during their dental exams and cleaning. At your child’s request, Aspen, our resident therapy dog, will also provide support to your child.  Dr. Dennis has practiced family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in Albuquerque for more than 30 years. Upon retiring as a teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools, Dr. Dennis’s wife joined him to help provide compassionate, efficient, and patient-first service to patients of all ages. 

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Did you know that in the United States, most public water sources contain fluoride?  And this is done on purpose because it’s proven to help with people’s dental health.

When you drink fluoridated water, you are bathing your teeth every day in small amounts of fluoride to help reduce the risk of cavities developing. Fluoride is also used to reverse tooth decay in its early stages. What some people may not realize is that even if you drink water containing fluoride, and brush with fluoridated toothpaste, it’s still necessary to go to the dentist for fluoride treatments – especially as a child.

Is fluoride necessary for kids?

First, let’s review what fluoride is and how it works. Then we’ll explain why it’s an excellent choice to help boost you and your child’s dental health.  

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in several water supplies, food, and even the soil. When it comes to dentistry, this naturally occurring mineral is vital for reducing tooth decay. For children, it’s critical to protect their teeth from cavities as teeth emerge and enamel develops.

Cavities are among the most common dental diseases in both children and adults. This is why fluoride is an important part of maintaining dental health for all ages. As the teeth soak in the fluoride, they block cavities by strengthening and resisting acid and bacteria.

What to Expect During Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is one of the most helpful treatments for patients (especially children), and it’s quick and painless. Plus, in most offices, the varnish is flavored for a satisfying taste!

Fluoride treatment begins with the dentist applying a thin layer to your teeth. Once applied, it sets into the teeth quickly, and treatment is complete! It’s important not to eat or drink anything sticky or with artificial coloring. For example, if you eat Cheetos shortly after fluoride treatment, you risk the orange staining your teeth.

Do Kids Need Fluoride?

As previously mentioned, fluoride is proven to reduce tooth decay, especially in the early years as teeth grow and enamel develops.

However, whether fluoride is necessary for your child depends on a few factors. A child needs to come in for a dental check-up starting near their first birthday and at least every six months after. This allows the dentist to examine and monitor the development of the teeth and enamel and recommend fluoride if needed.

While it’s in the best interest of the child to receive fluoride treatment in the office, at home is where most of the important work takes place. As a child, brushing daily with fluoride-based toothpaste is essential. However, assistance from parents is necessary as you don’t want your child swallowing too much fluoride.

Start Fluoride Treatments Early

Maintaining good oral health means starting regular dental visits and treatments early in life, as well as good home care. Regular preventative care starting at an early age helps with the early detection and treatment of serious dental conditions. Fluoride treatment is just one way our team of experts helps combat cavities.When you and your child are ready to start preventing cavities with fluoride treatments, contact our office at 505-292-1051.

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