Lasers in Dentistry

Dental laser

The use of lasers in dentistry has brought about many great technological advancements to dental care overall.  The use of a laser allows some procedures to be performed without the use of a drill or the need for a shot. Our practice uses a variety of lasers to improve both your experience in our practice and  your overall treatment outcome.

Benefits of Lasers:

  • Reduced heat and vibration
  • Little or no need for anesthetic
  • Minimal bleeding and tissue damage
  • Faster treatment and recovery times
  • Minimal post-operative swelling and discomfort
  • Fewer infections or post-operative complications

LightWalker® Laser

LightWalker® Lasers’ state-of-the-art design, engineering and patented technologies offer the most comprehensive list of clinical applications of any dental laser made today. Offering both hard and soft tissue laser therapy, LightWalker® lasers can be used for a wide range of procedures from Nightlase™ Snoring Reduction to  facial skin treatments such as wrinkle reduction.

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Dental laser

LightWalker® Treatments:

  • Implantology
  • Endodontics
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Whitening
  • Oral Surgery and Extractions
  • Nightlase™ Snoring Reduction
  • Facial Aesthetic Treatment

Biolase® Waterlase Laser

Manufactured by Biolase, Waterlase® is a high-tech laser surgery tool that uses a patented combination YSGG laser and water spray to perform a wide range of dental procedures without a drill.

Using Waterlase® Laser Dentistry, Dr. Dennis can perform many dental procedures with no noise, very little pain and fewer appointments. Whereas drills can create loud noises, vibration and friction, a laser does not touch the surface, which lowers the need for local anesthesia, lowers the risk of infection, and reduces post-operative swelling.

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Dental laser
Dental laser

Solea® Laser

The Solea® Laser is the first dental laser qualified to treat both teeth and gums, whereas most other lasers can only be used on soft tissue. Its unique wavelength allows Dr. Dennis to utilize this laser for a variety of procedures including fillings, gum contouring and canker-sore relief. With little to no noise and no drilling, Solea® performs most procedures without the use of local anesthesia, offering patients a more comfortable treatment experience as well as more successful outcomes.

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Dental laser
Dental laser