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Same Day Crowns in ABQ

Cad Cam Restorations
Brian K, Dennis, DDS provides services for CEREC Same Day Restorations in Albuquerque, NM. Call 505-292-1051 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

With CEREC, crowns, bridges, and other restorations can be designed and fabricated in a single day using CAD/CAM technology. Dr. Dennis isn’t just a skilled provider of CEREC same-day restorations, he also teaches other dentists on how to incorporate this technology into their own practices. When you choose Dr. Dennis for a same-day restoration, you’ll benefit from his advanced knowledge of the CEREC system as well as his eye for aesthetics as a cosmetic dentist.

The CEREC Process

Before CEREC technology, dental crowns required at least two visits to the dentist’s office and a weeks-long wait for a permanent crown to be fabricated. In the meantime, patients would wear a temporary crown that left their prepared tooth susceptible to decay and damage. CEREC has revolutionized restorative dentistry by allowing dentists to prepare a tooth and place a permanent crown all in a single appointment.

The CEREC process begins with digital impressions taken with an intraoral scanner so Dr. Dennis can match the shape of your natural tooth when he designs your restoration. These impressions are more accurate and comfortable than the ones taken with trays and messy impression material. Next, your tooth is prepared by removing the portions that are decayed and damaged. Another set of digital impressions is taken to ensure that your crown fits onto your prepared tooth.

With both sets of digital impressions, Dr. Dennis uses our advanced 3D computer software to analyze how your restoration will interact with your remaining teeth and design your crown. Our in-house milling machine then fabricates a crown out of a solid piece of tooth-colored composite material. This is bonded onto your prepared tooth, so you can leave our office with your permanent restoration in place.

Your CEREC crown or bridge provides superior strength and looks completely natural. There’s no compromise in choosing a CEREC restoration—you’ll get a restoration that stands the test of time and blends in perfectly with the rest of your smile without the wait time and hassle of traditional restorations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Same-Day Crowns

Are same-day crowns good?
Yes, same-day crowns are just as good as traditional dental crowns—in fact, they’re even better! Same-day crowns eliminate the need for a temporary restoration, which can leave your tooth susceptible to decay and damage, but they’re just as strong, durable, and aesthetic as other ceramic crowns. They’re also more convenient, allowing you to get the restoration you need in a single visit to our office.
How long do same-day crowns last?
Assuming you have good home oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist every six months for comprehensive oral evaluations and dental cleanings, your same-day crown can last 10 to 15 years, although it’s common for them to last even longer than this.
How long does it take to get a CEREC crown?
The entire CEREC crown process, including preparing your tooth for your crown, fabricating the crown, and placing it, usually takes about 2 hours.
Do CEREC crowns cost more?
CEREC crowns cost about the same as a traditional crown. Although CEREC technology is expensive, you’ll need fewer appointments and there’s no need for a temporary restoration, which means any cost difference is minimal.
Are same-day crowns covered by insurance?
Dental insurance plans vary from one provider to the next, so we recommend checking with your insurer. Most insurance companies will cover same-day crowns the same way they cover traditional crowns. Our team can help you understand your benefits and out-of-pocket expenses prior to your treatment.
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